2Rouge - Bon-une-belle

Caroline and Julie know how to tell stories using images and also know how to successfully combine being damanding yet enthusiastic, technical rigour with spontaneity and a density of meanings with hapiness. Let the music play !

Cyril Marie - Carre Argente

For his Art, the painter is looking for a worthly aestheticism: Basic and Balanced. This creation is influenced by shapes and colors.

Cyril Marie - Sept Argente

Cyril Marie first started learning about different visual art techniques, such as photography and video, at the Nantes Regional School of Fine Art. During the same period, he decided to work in primary shools as a visual artist. His objective was to get children to discover their own creativity and to enable them to develop it by teaching them the necessary techniques in a fun way. 

Cyril Marie - Deux et un

Each one is invited to project himself into Cyril Marie's Art. Concentration is easy thanks to abstract style. For the artist, painting is  a powerfull way to stimulate people's experience and imagination.

Fabrice Mulheim - Deux-et-un

Fabrice Mulheim was born in Auxerre in 1964. A self-taught artist, painter and sculptor, Mulheim has exhibited his work in several galleries in France and abroad (Paris, New-York, Aspen and Chicago). Situated facing the ocean in Biarritz’s Grande Plage gardens , the Mulheim Gallery now presents his work on an annual basis.

Fabrice Mulheim - Richelieu TV Addict

For 25 years, the artist forms his own Univers. It is rather difficult to provide a summary for Fabrice Mulheim's work. His paintings are complex and different from each other. His artistic world remains welcoming through using warm colors, rounded shapes while moving to a out of line approach.

Fabrice Mulheim - Sculpture

Fabrice Mulheim doesn't suffer of lack of imagination but rarely gives names to his works. Those get many shapes, sizes and are sometimes figurative, sometimes abstract. This artistic diversity explored by the artist specially displayed his approach and constant quest for novelty and creativity.

Gaetano Pesce - Round the clock

Gaetano Pesce, architect and designer, was born in La Spezia in 1939. He studied architecture and industrial design at the University of Venice where he developed research in the context of serial and kinetic art.

Francoise Nielly - Barak Obama

Francoise Nielly is a French artist born in Marseille, which carries today in Paris. His paintings are vivid portraits of colors made with the technique of knife. It relies on photos in black and white to bring out the intensity and emotional.

Patrick Raphael - Praxinoscopie

RAPHAEL Patrick was born in 1965 in Marseille. This self draws its references Nicolas de Stael, to Andy Warhol through Roy Lichtenstein and David Hockney.

Petra Ellert - M.J-Dance

The material used for over twenty years by Petra Ellert is that it enriches the paper designs and applications to make sculptures and reliefs.

Roger-Abate - Chroniques 1

Painter, Sculptor since 1984, he is also a performer wich involved in school and hospitals with sick children. He was born in Tunis in 1952, lives and works in Marseille. He defines his current art as the chronicles of changing needs.

Roger-Abate - Chroniques 2

Roger Abate proposes a stage particularly well controled. The spectator can make a certain interpretation of things as Writing, Graffiti...

Sophie Le Nez - Le Dernier Convoi

Born in 1964, Sophie Le Nevez is art teacher. It is his interest in contemporary art and primitive art, which explains the paths followed by Sophie in her nose job plastic. His research focuses on the design of tables that could be perceived in many ways (mainly visual and auditory), whether in a particular direction or by handling chassis.

Toma-L - family-craft-123-1

After training in graphic arts at the Brassart School of Art in Tours, it was natural that Toma L. should work for a PR agency. The gifted assistant rapidly became the agency’s artistic director. But Toma L. gave up this post in order to set up as a freelance graphic designer and to join the Maison des Artistes (Associations of French Artists), as he wanted to be able to devote himself to his artistic research.

Toma L - family-craft-123-2

Little by little, painting took over from graphic art. Toma L. then began to put together both one-man and joint exhibitions. In Belleville, he showed us his « spuds » and in Pigalle, his work talked about « ants ». Toma L’s canvasses depict everyday life, our everyday reality.

Toma L - Exquis duo 1

A painting rich in color, adorned with two figures with visible fat pencil lines filled with layers of acrylic, oil paint and pastels make this work loaded but not saturated. Those elements generate a worth observation of Toma L's Art.

Toma L : Exquis duo 2

Work similar to the previous painting where the vision of Artistic shamble is wisely staged. A painting echoing the values in wich Toma-L's definition of Art concept is based... There is no concept!

Toma L - Family craft carpet

"Family Craft Crapet" is like a wall saturated with pictorial traces. In this skilfully organised chaos, all techniques are brought back to the same value. Toma-L reserves the right to himself to paint with no idea before he begins his work... Ad-libbing and spontaneity!