Artists' studios of New Hotel Of Marseille

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The New Hotel Of Marseille offers an artist to set up his studio at the reception of the hotel and perform liveEvery quarter, the hotel opens its doors to a different artist for one month. The artist can develop a theme related to news from the hotel, city, or express himself freely.


Mickaël Koska : Artist’s Studio #6

Born in Aubagne in the South of France, Mickaël Koska is a young self-made man passionnate for furniture design. Graduated from a woodworking school in Paris, Mickaël Koska acquires a real experience and decides to create his own authentic furniture.

His original and vintage work is based on recycling, recovery and assembly of various pieces to create unique and modern works.

Mickaël Koska reinvents the design thanks to travels and the world around him. The mix between wood and new contemporary materials is essential for his creativity.

This atypical artist will be present under the canopy of the New Hotel Of Marseille from October 2 to November 2, 2014 in order to immerse ourselves into his retro world.

Live performance from monday to friday, from 6pm.


Le Carburateur : Artist’s Studio #5

Le Carburateur is two artists, Xray and 537718, inspired by 20th century painting and New York and European art scene of the 80s. 

This year, they moved to Bayonne in an old garage facility converted in a showroom workshop called The Carburateur. 

Claude and Xavier realize square canvases scripted in shape of a patchwork using silkscreen printing. For their workshop at the New Hotel Of Marseille, they made a reference to Marseille by revisiting icons of the city such as soap from Marseille, architecture or music.


VöG : Artist’s studio #4

Born in Paris in 1976, VöG is deeply attached to his family land, the South, where he settled at the age of 18. Mechanic at the beginning, after repairing all kinds of items for 15 years, the artist becomes decorator-arranger, driven by his desire to explore, build, invent, reinvent.

Combining brutal materials and curvaceous forms, VöG expresses his art through the symbols that paced his teenage years such as Darth Vader or Captain Harlock, but not only! Daily life and everything that surrounds him are a source of inspiration. Thanks to his talent, he gives new life to iron, steel, wood… turning them into furniture or objects.


Didier Triglia : Artist’s studio #3

David Triglia, Perpignan artist, is a self-taught painter and sculptor who has created his own style by mixing genres.

It is by drawing concert posters for his band that he finally got into the visual arts. His first works were displayed in bars and restaurants, before being spotted by an art gallery.

The original works of Triglia are very colorful and happy, between free figuration and pop art. We can find ubiquitous faces forms that arouse some curiosity in an atmosphere that can recall comics. Thus, this contemporary artist offers us an imaginary world with a message of optimism.


Ced Vernay : Artist studio #2

Ced Vernay, artist coming directly from Brazil and recently installed in the European Capital of Culture, presents original works and techniques implemented as pixel.

Ced Vernay works are the result of many hours of work on hundreds of thousands of carefully selected pixels. At the boundary between photography, collage and painting, he shows an original and innovative artistic technique.

Through PIX'CED LAB exhibition, Ced Vernay wishes to present to the public a broad panorama of his latest thinking on today's society, and especially the place of man in this more and more virtual world: "As we must take a step back with artworks, we also have to put some distance with computers. Man is lost in this world and he must keep the same distance. "

The exhibition "PIX'CED LAB" at the New Hotel Of Marseille is finished, but it is still possible to discover the pictures on our Facebook, Pinterest and Flickr pages. 


$Kunk Dog : Artist studio #1

Between the little skunk from cartoon, dog straight out of the New York underground and fresh grass, between culture and punk, between music and visual expression, $kunk Dog made us want colors and urban adventures. Paint pitching between fawn and expressionist, between trash and flash, but never forgetting a touch of glamor.

Behind this name, David Negri from Marseilles, fourty-five years, fan of painters from Marseilles, respectful of his peers and fathers, of painting from Marseilles from the nineteenth and twentieth centuries; all of that made him want to paint. Christian Robelin opened him the doors of this art, and his friend Robert Bilbil, photographer with whom he makes music (rock, obviously), who inspires him this glamor which he never quits.

If you have not seen $kunk Dog’s artist's studio at New Hotel Of Marseille, we invite you to discover the pictures on our Facebook, Flickr or Pinterest pages.


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