Rodin Museum Paris

The Rodin Museum is one of the most important museums in France. It ensures the preservation and the exhibition of the artist's works since its inauguration in 1919.


Auguste Rodin himself chose the location of his museum. It is situated on the site of the Biron Hotel in Paris whose annex is the “Villa des Brillants” in Meudon. 


The hotel is located in the heart of a large and pleasant area, whose garden is very appreciated by tourists. 

Moreover, the Rodin sculptures perfectly decorate this large green space in Paris. 

Unfortunately, Auguste Rodin was never able to enjoy the museum and its garden since he died two years before the project was completed. 


Many artworks are displayed on this 45,900 sq.-meter area. Indeed, it has more than 6600 sculptures, 7000 artworks, 8000 drawings and 8000 photographs

You should know that if Rodin was a sculptor, a painter and a draftsman, he was also a collector. He collected antiques, but also the works of great masters such as Van Gogh and Monet. These are also displayed in the museum.

Although the Rodin Museum draws about 700,000 visitors per year, renovation works have been undertaken since 2012.

New visit spaces and a renewal of the museum tour have been planned for 2014. Meanwhile, the permanent collections are partially exhibition and temporary exhibitions are organized. 


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Practical information:

Rodin Museum - Paris 
79 Rue de Varenne 
75007 Paris 

Phone:  +33 1 44 18 61 10 

For more information visit the Rodin Museum website.