Louvre Museum Paris

If the Louvre is the most visited museum in the world, drawing more than 8 million and a half visitors per year, it is also one of the greatest in the world!

The Louvre Museum is 210,000 sq.-meters. In this huge space, you will find valuable collections that have survived the centuries. 


They will make you travel through different eras, art forms and regions

The museum presents Eastern, Egyptian, Greek, Etruscan and Roman Antiquities. You can also contemplate the paintings, sculptures, art objects, Islamic Arts and Graphic Arts

The grandeur and beauty of the Louvre and its rich content make it an internationally know museum. The famous Mona Lisa by Leonardo da Vinci is a major advantage for the museum. 

Approximately 35,000 works are exhibited in a 60,600 sq.-meter area dedicated to permanent exhibitions


If the Louvre is a museum, it used to be a royal palace until 1793. The Louvre Palace has a long history that you will discover there. 

François Mitterrand decided to begin works in 1988. Ming Pei was the architect who conceived the wonderful Glass Pyramid.

The Louvre Museum is a real art heaven. You will be impressed by the majesty this place. 

It may be interesting to plan your visit in advance and choose carefully what you want to see. 

Indeed, depending on how curious and passionate you are, you may spend hours or even days exploring the museum! 

Of course, multiple restaurants and cafés are located inside the museum for your comfort. 


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Practical information:

Louvre Museum - Paris 
75001 Paris 

Phone: + 33 1 40 20 50 50 

For more information, visit the Louvre Museum website.