Grevin Museum Paris

The Grevin Museum is a wax museum created in 1882 which is located in the 9th district of Paris. Since its opening, it has attracted many visitors from all around the world.


It is Arthur Meyer, former journalist and founder of “Le Gaulois”, who had the idea of creating a place where celebrities of the time would be represented. So he asked Alfred Grevin, designer, costume designer and sculptor, to complete this project.


The success was immediate and widely supported by Gabriel Thomas, a great financier. Indeed, he quickly developed the activity of the museum by providing for new facilities and decorations.

Today, about 450 wax-celebrities are exhibited and regularly new ones are added to the museum. We can find there the biggest names in the history or the media such as Albert Einstein, Michael Jackson and Penelope Cruz. Fictional characters are also present such as the Little Prince or Scrat, the famous squirrel of Ice Age!

The creation of such wax sculptures represents a lot of work!

The presence of a celebrity is of course required as their face and body are modelled in clay. Many pictures, videos, measurements and 3D images are necessary to carry out the work, with the presence of several sculptors who work for the museum.

Finally, the Grevin Museum hosts the Grevin Theatre to organize shows and also the famous Hall of Mirrors (“Palais des Mirages”) and its very successful optical illusions


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Practical information:

Grevin Museum - Paris 
10 Boulevard Montmartre 
75009 Paris 

Phone:  +33 1 47 70 85 05

For more information, visit the Grevin Museum website.