Grand Palais Paris

The Grand Palais is an emblematic monument of Paris situated close to Champs Elysees.


In front of Petit Palais, it often host prestigious exhibitions and fairs. It was built in 1897 and on November 6,2000 the Grand Palais becomes Historic Monument. Its architecture is very special. The main building, 240 meters lenght, is constituted by a big space and a canopy. Its vault and its dome weigh 8500 tons. The summit is 45 meters high.

In 1964, Reynols Amould turns North wing into National Galleries in order to receive big exhibitions. Nowadays, this place is still used for that. Since 2008, lots of works and embellishment have been launched. In 2012, The Honor Lounge of Grand Palais opened its doors to the famous French Comedy.

Some painting from great artists like Niki de Saint Phalle are often exhibit to general public.


With nearly two millions visitors per year, the Grand Palais is a historical and must-be-seen monument of Parisian city break.


Useful information:

Grand Palais, National Galleries
3 avenue du Général Eisenhower
75008 Paris

More information on website of Grand Palais.