Garnier Opera House Paris

Internationally renowned, this masterpiece of architecture is also known as "Opéra de Paris" or "Garnier Palace".


The idea to build the Garnier Opera was born the day after a tragedy. Indeed, Napoleon III was targeted by an attack on January 14, 1858 while he was in the street "Le Peletier", in the opera house of the time. The emperor was spared and chose to build a new structure, declared of public utility by imperial decree.


For this, an international competition was set up to choose the architect of the "Imperial Academy of Music and Dance". 

The competition was closely followed by the public and the press, and this is finally Charles Garnier, a young and unknown architect at the time, who convinced the jury. He was mainly surrounded by the friends he met during his studies and other "Prix de Rome" graduated to complete the project.

The work lasted from 1861 to 1875, interrupted several times because of the geopolitical context and technical problems

The inauguration took place on Jan. 5, 1875, with President MacMahon, after the military occupation of the capital and the arrival of the Third Republic

Napoleon III has never enjoyed the place, since he was in exile at that time and died in 1873. If Charles Garnier was invited to the inauguration, he had to pay his place!

On October 16, 1923, it has been classified as a historical monument

Today, it welcomes major opera and ballet performances. It is 11,237 sq.-meters and many visitors come to this place to see its impressive architecture that used to be very innovative.

You will also enjoy its large and detailed interior. Moreover you will find there the library-museum that has been preserving the Opera House's past for centuries. The Opera House also welcomes exhibitions and galleries regularly. 


Our hotel in Paris Opera Garnier is located in the city centre close to public transports. Don’t hesitate to watch one of its many quality shows during your stay in Paris. 


Practical information:

Garnier Opera House - Paris 
8 Rue Scribe 
75009 Paris 

Phone: +33 8 92 89 90 90

For more information, visit the Garnier Opera House website.