Bastille Opera House Paris

The Bastille Opera House is located on the Bastille Place in Paris. It was built and opened in 1989 due to the succes of the program of the Garnier Opera House.


President François Mitterrand decided to build the Bastille Opera House and wanted it to be modern and popular. It was built on the site of the Paris-Bastille old station that was closed in 1969 and demolished in 1984 to begin the works of the Bastille Opera House. 


They were supervised by the Canadian-Uruguayan architect Carlos Ott, chosen in a competition in which 1700 international architects participated. This 160,000 sq.-meter venue offers a large 2703-seat room, a rehearsal room, a 500-seat amphitheatre and a 237-seat studio

It is one of the greatest opera in the world! 

Of course, its history is not as rich as the Garnier Opera House’s but it can welcome many great performances throughout the year with its facilities, equipment and room acoustics. 


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Practical information:

Bastille Opera House - Paris 
120, Rue de Lyon 
75012 Paris 

Phone:  +33 1 40 01 17 89 

For more information, visit the Bastille Opera House website.