Arab World Institute Paris

The Arab World Institute was built with the aim of improving relations between France and the Arab countries.


The Arab World Institute was inaugurated in 1987 by President François Mitterrand and houses a very interesting museum


It offers the visitors to discover the Arab world in an educational and dynamic way with the 22 Arab countries that founded the institute.

It gives a general overview of the Arab societies through a thematic approach. Indeed, it makes links between elements of the past and of the present

Of course, cultural, religious, social and political topics are discussed allowing a better understanding of the development of these great civilizations.


The implementation of such a project requested the intervention of different professionals, such as historians, archaeologists, anthropologists, artists, linguists or even philosophers

Indeed, the cooperation between various professionals is necessary to create a rich experience for the visitor. 

Temporary exhibitions and shows are held regularly in the museum that also has got a library that possess many documents about the Arab culture

The Institute also has a learning centre, a restaurant

You can also have a good time enjoying a nice view over Paris and the beauty of the place. 


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Practical information

Arab World Institute - Paris 
1, Rue des Fossés Saint-Bernard 
75005 Paris

Phone:  +33 1 40 51 38 38