The Vieille Charité Marseille

The "Vieille Charité" is a historical monument that hosts many exhibitions through the year.


This monument has an exceptional architecture. Its construction began in 1670. It was built by Pierre Puget, who was the king's architect and had grown up in the district. 


The "Vieille Charité" ("Old Charity") was a General Hospital that used to welcomed the poor of the city. It holds its name from its altruistic activities. In fact, it has been housing beggars for more than a century. It was transformed into a hospice for children and the elderly in the late nineteenth century until the army began to use it in 1905. It was also used as a social housing. In the early 1940's, Le Corbusier denounced the decay of the place and works of renovation were undertaken by the city of Marseille then during 25 years.

The building has been classified as a historical monument in 1951.

Today, the "Vieille Charité" centre is a place dedicated to culture. It houses the Museum of Mediterranean Archaeology and the museum of African Art, Oceanic Art and Amerindian Art. It also hosts temporary exhibitions and a cinema called “Le Miroir” ("the Mirror"). Finally, several research institutions reside in this emblematic place.


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Practical Information:

Vieille Charité - Marseille
2 Rue de la Charité
13002 Marseille

Phone: +33 4 91 14 58 80