The MannekenPis Brussels

This is THE statue to be seen in Brussels! Made in 1619 by Jérôme Duquesnoy l’Ancien, The MannekenPis is a bronze sculpture situated in the center of Brussels.


He is the oldest, loyalest and bourgeois resident of Brussels. Changing nationality during the history, he is really himself as a statue now. This « Kid who pisses » is raised on a pedestal and naked. With about nine hundred different and originals suits, MannekenPis is regulary dressed for the greatest pleasure of passers-by. Little patriot of Brussels, this is THE sculpture of the capital.

The legend says that MannekenPis is a rich bourgeois’ son, lost during a party and found few days later, doing what he is doing now: “pee”. Some others are talking about a witch. Finally, others says the MannekenPis extinguished fire in this position in order to save Brussels during the thirteenth century.
Everyone is free to choose the version that suits him but everyone agrees that the MannekenPis is and will remain the emblem of the city of Brussels.


However, it’s in 1985 that JeannekePis, the MannekenPis’s feminine, was sculpted, naked an squatted, by Denis-Adrien Debouvrie. She is set up to restore the equality man/woman. Tradition has it that coins are thrown in an equal amount to the affection given to the beloved.


Useful information :

The MannekenPis
Rue de l’Etuve
1000 Brussels

For more information, visit the website The MannekenPis