Solvay Library Brussels

The Solvay Library is an old and famous venue in Brussels. Many diners, receptions and conferences are organized in this prestigious place.


The Solvay Library was built in 1902 by two famous architects: Constant Bosmans and Henry Van de Velde


It is located in the Leopold Park, close to the European Parliament and to the Natural Science Museum 

The building has an eclectic style and it is nicely decorated with mosaic, stained-glass windows and high-quality wood

It used to be the Institute for Sociology of the University of Brussels created on the initiative of the Belgian industrialist Ernest Solvay

The basement has been renovated and parties and diners are organized there. 

It consists of a huge reading room, surrounded with study rooms and galleries and is lit up by sunlight. 

It also has a terrace that is a very nice place to have a reception when the weather allows it with a view on the Leopold Park


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Practical Information

Solvay Library Brussels 
Rue Belliard 137 
1040 Brussels
Phone: +32 2 738 75 96 

For more information, visit the Solvay Library website.