Préau des Accoules Marseille

In the Panier district, the oldest part of the city, the Préau des Accoules is part of the architectural heritage of Marseille. It draws more than 10,000 visitors per year.


The "Préau des Accoules" was originally the Observatory of Jesuits and then became the Marseille Observatory. This structure was achieved in 1702 and for about 150 years, it had received a large number of renowned scientists who made interesting astronomical and weather discoveries. In 1782, these sites also hosted the "Academie des Belles Lettres, Sciences  et Arts". In 1868, the Observatory was transferred on the heights of the Palais Longchamp and the Accoules were somewhat neglected before being renovated by the city in the 1980s.



The "Préau des Accoules" has now become a museum for children and is a real cultural activity venue for them. Since 1991, this place has been promoting art and heritage to kids in a fun way. Each year, several thematic exhibitions and cultural events are organized for the enjoyment of children. The museum aims at creating a great museum experience for the kids' first time visiting a museum so that it becomes associated with pleasure, discovery, contemplation, dreaming, meeting and awaking of curiosity.



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Practical Information:


Préau des Accoules - Marseille
29, Montée des Accoules
13002 Marseille

Phone: +33 4 91 91 52 06

Metro Station: Colbert