Picasso Museum Paris

The Picasso Museum is a French national museum inaugurated in 1985. It is dedicated to the great painter’s world.


The beautiful “Hôtel Salé” houses the Picasso Museum in the third district of Paris

It was completely restored and furnished by the architect Roland Simounet, chosen in a competition. He had to preserve the historic aspect of this place that had belonged to several owners and has had different functions (institution for young people, Embassy of the Republic of Venice...). 

The Picasso Museum offers the largest collection of works by Picasso

Many paintings, sculptures, ceramics, drawings, engravings, manuscripts and many other works are exhibited. 


The visit is particularly interesting because a personal collection of Picasso is also presented bringing together the works of his friends and of the artists he admired. 

For example, it is possible to discover the works of Matisse, Derain, Cézanne or Degas

Finally, many documents and archives on Picasso's life are preserved there, allowing a deeper understanding of this great man.

However, you must wait until june 2014 to enjoy this cultural place as it is currently closed for renovation

The area dedicated to the collections and exhibitions will be tripled, the reception conditions will be modernized and new artworks will be presented.


For your stay in the heart of the capital, our hotel in Paris Bastille is located just a few minutes from the museum. Nearby are many restaurants, art galleries and cafes to enjoy the city. 


Practical information:

Picasso Museum Paris 
Rue de Thorigny 
75003 Paris
Phone:  +33 8 05 88 95 67