The Pharo Palace Marseille

Thanks to its excellent waterfront location, the Pharo Palace offers an exceptional view over the bay of Marseille!


The promontory of the Pharo was formerly called "Tête de More" ("The Moor's Head"). The Pharo Palace has been named after the western "Farot" bay, at the west. This hill, which was topped by a watchtower, separated the bay of the sea.


The Pharo Palace was built on the heights of the Old Port in 1858 at the request of Louis Napoleon Bonaparte who wanted to provide an imperial residence for the Empress Eugenie. But she never stayed in the Palace and after the death of Napoleon III she decided to offer it to the town of Marseille in 1884. Between 1904 and 1954, it was converted  into a school of Medicine and it is now being used for meetings, conferences and seminars.

The space allocated for congress is huge. That is why the Pharo Palace has been completely renovated on the occasion of Marseille Provence 2013. In order to accommodate many prestigious events, its total area reaches 10,000 sq. metres

In addition to the beauty of the building and the beautiful view offered by his location, the Pharo garden is also a pleasant place to relax and picnic. The headquarters of the Aix-Marseille University are located in the garden as well as the Urban Community of Marseille Provence Metropol. Nearby, you will also find the Monument to the heroes and victims of the sea, in honour of the First World War marines.


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Practical Information:

The Pharo Palace - Marseille
58 Boulevard Charles Livon
13007 Marseille

Phone: +33 4 91 14 64 95

Metro Vieux Port and Bus No. 83.