Pasteur Institute Marseille

The Pasteur Institute has been named after Louis Pasteur, its founder, known for the invention of the rabies vaccine in 1885.


This discovery pushed the City Council and the General Council of the Bouches du Rhone to create an inoculation centre in Marseille.

They contacted Louis Pasteur through the Professor Charles Livon, the director of the "the Pharo" medical school. It became a medical university in 1930 before being transferred to "La Timone" in 1958. 

If Louis Pasteur wanted to show his methods of vaccination, at first he did not want to open a centre in Marseille. Nevertheless, it opened a few years later, in 1893, in front of the Pharo Palace and became the first antirabies institute in France after Paris. 


Today, this historic building has become the New Hotel Of Marseille, a design hotel in Marseille pleasantly decorated with artworks. The original name of the Pasteur Institute can still be read on the facade which has been carefully preserved and renovated. We invite you to go there to discover it!