Mediterranean Villa Marseille

The "Mediterranean Villa" is an international centre that promotes dialogue and exchanges in the Mediterranean area.


The "Mediterranean Villa" ("Villa Méditerranée") is one of the main buildings built in the context of Marseille Provence 2013. Formerly known as CEREM, it is located near the Old Port, close to the great MuCEM. This place intends to be a multidisciplinary place of exchanges between the people of the Mediterranean


Indeed, in the current context, there are many economic, political, environmental or touristic interactions between the two shores. Different visions and objectives confront in this complex environment. The purpose of this place is to promote communciation and cooperation between the people of the Mediterranean. It is a place that encourages lasting peace.

The architecture of the Villa Méditerranée is highly symbolic because it draws a link between the land and the sea. Indeed, the architect Stefano Boeri achieved to create an amphibious building with a 10,000-sq.-metre underwater space that is 2.25 metres deep).

This large structure houses coffee shops, shops, restaurants, auditoriums and of course, exhibition halls. Another part of the building housesa 1,000-sq.metre agora, conference rooms, and a documentation centre.


In the same spirit, our 3-star hotel in Marseille Vieux Port reflects the Mediterranean cultural diversity, each floor having its own ethnic universe.


Practical Information:

Mediterranean Villa - Marseille 
J4 Esplanade
13002 Marseille

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