Magritte Museum Brussels

The Magritte Museum is located on the Place Royale. It has got the most complete collection of work by René Magritte, a famous surrealist artist.


The Magritte Museum opened on June, 2nd 2009 and is located in the Althenloh Hotel. It belongs to the Belgian Royal Museum of Fine Arts


Hundreds of thousands of people have already visited the museum and admired its multidisciplinary collection

Indeed, more than 200 works by Matisse are presented in the museum: paintings, drawings, sculptures, boards, pictures, movies, music scores and many other works of art.

This collection was possible thanks to donations and the cooperation of several economic players such as GDF Suez that permitted the renovation of the building. 

The museum offers permanent and temporary exhibitions. The latter are organized thanks to private passionate collectors. They are a way to understand the different links between Magritte and other figures such as Miro or Dali

Moreover, the Magritte Museum has got an online Research Centre that aims at making the artist’s works, archives and publications more accessible. 

And with the help of technology, the database is constantly increasing. 


A few-minute drive away from the Magritte Museum, you will find our hotel in Brussels city centre. It is located in the European district, close to the city centre and to the public transport. 


Practical Information

Magritte Museum Brussels 
1, Place Royale 
1000 Brussels
Phone: +32 2 508 32 11

For more information, visit the Magritte Museum website.