Leopold Park Brussels

The Leopold Park is located in the heart of the European Quarter in Brussels. On top of its nice fauna and flora, you will enjoy its remarkable monuments and sculptures.


The Leopold Park has been renovated from 2002 to 2003 so that it looks more harmonious.


Everything has been changed from the furniture to the lights and signals. The pond has also been cleaned out, the walking paths have been redone and an artificial stream has been built. 

The park also has a rich fauna and flora

Indeed, dozens of amazing trees are located in the park such as the bicentennial oriental plane measuring six meters around the trunk. 

Moreover, during your walk, you will see many different bird species such as the mallard ducks, moorhens or rose-ringed parakeets


Many monuments are also present in the park such as the Solvay Library, the Business school or the Brussels Natural Science Museum

Three sculptures are decorating the park: Jean-Jules Linden bust, Yithzak Rabin Memorial and the Peace Tree


Enjoy a calm and peaceful walk in the park and discover its numerous treasures. 


Our modern hotel in Brussels is located a fifteen-minute walk away from the Leopold Park. It is ideally located close to the European Quarter, historic monuments and public transport. 


Practical Information:  

Leopold Park Brussels 
Rue Belliard 177 
1040 Belgique
Phone: +32 2 230 69 12