Jubilee Park Brussels

Many museums and works of art are located in the 30-hectares Jubilee Park in Brussels.


The Jubilee Park (« Parc du Cinquantenaire ») used to be a military training area until it was reorganized in 1880 under Leopold II with Victor Besme, on the occasion of the fiftieth anniversary of the kingdom of Belgium


This peaceful place is perfect to have a walk or have a rest! Visitors can also discover a part of Brussels strong cultural heritage

You will find there many museums such as the Royal Art and History Museum, Brussels Air Museum, Autoworld, Army, the Royal Museum of the Armed Forces and of Military History, or the Royal Institute of Artistic heritage

It is also famous for its Great Mosque or the Pavilion of Human Passions that is being renovated.

You will also discover the Monument of the Belgian Pioneers in Congo, linked to colonization, the Monument in homage to the Aviators fallen in service and the Tournai Tower built in pseudo-medieval style. 

Concerning the works of arts, you will find many sculptures during your walk in the park. For example, you will see “the Reaper", “The Dog of Ulm” and many more. 

Moreover, during your walk you will also enjoy horse chestnut-trees and silver maple trees

There is a lot to do in this important park in Brussels. 


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Jubilee Park Brussels 
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