History Museum Marseille

The Marseille History Museum is dedicated to the history of Marseille, the oldest city in France, with the exhibition of many archaeological excavations.


In 1967, when the "Centre Bourse" shopping centre was being built, numerous remains of the Greco-Roman and medieval periods had been discovered. The Marseille History Museum opened in 1983.


It has been designed to understand archeology. It also describes the history of the city, from the 6th century when it was created, through the reign of Louis XIV until today.

2013 is a key year for the museum. Indeed, it is undergoing major renovations in the context of Marseille Provence 2013. Its 3500 sq.-meter surface is going to be doubled and new elements will be added for example a course of experimentations for children, an auditorium, a documentation centre or a graphic art firm. The "Remains Garden" ("Jardin des Vestiges") will also be fully restored and reclassified as "Antique Port". A genuine effort to enhance the cultural and urban heritage has been done for the European Capital of Culture.


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Practical Information:

History Museum - Marseille 
Square Belsunce - Centre Bourse
13001 Marseille

Phone: +33 4 91 90 42 22