GR 2013 Marseille

Discover the territories of Marseille Provence with the GR 2013, a great and original hiking trail!

The GR 2013 is a great hiking trail that stretches over Marseille and its outskirts. It was imagined by Baptiste Lanaspèze in the context of Marseille Provence 2013. This 365-kilometer hiking trail is the best way to discover the wonders of misknown peri-urban territories.


In a cultural goal, the routes have been designed to be accessible to the greatest number of people. The whole trail goes through 38 municipalities and 70 kilometers of it go through Marseille. 118 hiking clubs and 11 artist walkers are taking part in it. The latters have highly contributed to the creation of the GR 2013 Topo-Guide (a guidebook) offering pictures, drawings and texts inspired by these unique places. The GR 2013 results of a long and meticulous work done by voluntaries who marked the trail.

This great trail has the specificity of being double-loop shaped. It goes around the "Etang de Berre" ("the Berre's Pond"), the "Massif de l'Etoile" ("Star Massif") and the famous Garlaban. It is also interesting to note that the Aix-en-Provence train station is at the centre of this double loop. This starting point offers four main roads. In the old days, people used to catch the train from Paris to come and hike in rural areas. It could be a coincidence but the symbolism is strong.

The GR 2013 has been inaugurated from March, 22nd to March, 24th 2013 and is now open to people of all ages who can discover a rich and authentic territory.


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Practical Information: 

For more information, visit the GR 2013 website.