Flagey Brussels

Flagey is famous for the quality of its audio installations and for its perfect acoustics. It organizes and welcomes many events through the year.


Flagey used to belong to the INR (National Institute for Broadcasting). It was built in 1930 by the architect Joseph Diongre


He was praised by a jury for respecting perfectly the acoustics and technical requirements of the project. 

Flagey has several nicknames. It is called “Le Paquebot”, meaning "the liner", due to the shape of the building. And because of its internationally famous quality studios, it is also called “L’usine à sons” (“The Sound Factory”). 

It was a very renowned building in the world of music, until 1953, when TV appeared and Flagey became an important audio-visual centre

Still, in 1974, the INR decided to leave. Then it was occupied by cultural institutions until 1995 when it was closed. 


The Radio Flagey House was created on June, 30th 1998 in order to save and restore the building taking possession of it.

Thirty Belgian companies helped the building get its cultural splendour

It now has advanced installations and can organize and welcome concerts, movie broadcasting, music recording, conferences, congresses or festivals


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Practical Information

Flagey Brussels 
Rue du Belvedere 27 
1050 Elsene
Phone: +32 2 641 10 10 

Discover more about this amazing building on the Flagey website.