Europe Walk Brussels

The capital of Europe is a cosmopolitan city where many different cultures meet.


The European Quarter in Brussels is well-known for its numerous administrations


Indeed, the city is filled with business men and politicians

But these buildings have interesting history, social, economical and cultural sides

Many districts, buildings and monuments symbolize the cultural melting pot that Brussels has been experimenting for years. 

One of the best examples is probably the Luxembourg place, a public international meeting place. The Solidarnosc 1980 place is also a place where different cultures meet and communicate and people meet with the European Union

Today, the Parlamentarium is a modern visitor centre. It has multimedia equipments that aim at giving information about the European Parliament to the visitors. They can also visit an exhibition dedicated to the European Parliament, its history and its functions available in 23 different languages

Behind this building you will find the Leopold Park. During your walk you will see many museums such as the Wiertz Museum and the Natural Science Museum

You will also discover other great symbols of Europe such as the Economic and Social Committee and the council of Europe

If you walk through the Froissart Street, you will see the Schuman Rondabout and the Berlaymmont, the headquarters of the European Commission

You will end up your walk in the Jubilee Park and enjoy its numerous museums, works of art and its famous arcades. They offer a great view on the capital. 


You will find our 4 star hotel in Brussels city centre in the heart of the European quarter. Its location is ideal to discover the city’s heritage. 


Practical Information

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