Corniche Marseille

The Corniche of President John F. Kennedy, better known in Marseille under the nickname of the Corniche, goes along the coast of Marseille from Catalans beach to the Prado beaches.

Based in the 7th district of Marseille, the Corniche crosses the area of Endoume, Roucas Blanc, Catalans and Bompard to the roundabout of David and also passes over the Vallon des Auffes and the Anse de la Fausse Monnaie (the Cove of Counterfeit Money). The latter is so named because it housed the production of counterfeiters during the eighteenth century.
All along the Corniche, 3 km of benches face the sea and allow passers-by to admire a wonderful show at every sunset and the breathtaking view of the If Castle and the Frioul Islands.
Two memorials also punctuate the walk: the memorial of the Eastern Army and Heroes of Distant Lands and the Memorial of Returnees, a propeller blade built by Cesar weighing not less than 20 tonnes.
Finally, on the wall of 84 Corniche Kennedy, Marseille hosted for nearly 10 years, the famous portrait of Zidane, beloved by the people of Marseille. Today it has been replaced by a portrait of a Marseille inhabitant, a work by the artist JR.
Our charming hotel in Marseille on the heights of the Corniche enjoys an ideal location for a peaceful stay. Our staff will be glad to welcome you in the hotel just a few minutes’ walk from this huge promenade by seafront.