Calanques Marseille

The Calanques of Marseille are the symbol of the magnificent natural heritage of the city of Marseille and its outskirts.


Carved in a 400-meters thick white limestone, the Calanques stretch from the Goudes in Marseille to Cassis on twenty kilometers. It is definitely a must-see!


Located a few-minute drive away from the city centre, the Calanques are one of the most amazing natural sites in France. Each year, it draws many visitors who come to relax, escape and do various sports. The Calanques are ideal for walkinghikingsea kayaking or rock climbing. The environment of the "Calanques Massif" is a true gift of nature!

Moreover, it has been classified as a National Park in a decree signed on April, 18th 2012 by the Prime Minister. It is now the 10th French national park. It has the specificity of being the only continental, marine and peri-urban park in Europe.

This wild space offers much diversified landscapes and views on various islands, creeks and caves and also on Marseille depending on the height. In addition, there is a strong biodiversity on this arid coast. We can find for example the Sablin of Provence that only lives in the Marseille and Toulon areas or the Ocellated lizard, the largest lizard in Europe.

This area is highly controlled in order to maintain the fragile balance of this privileged natural environment. Indeed, it is being increasingly threatened, especially during summer time as fire hazards are increasing. Access restrictions generally apply from June,1st to September, 30th. We advise you to ckeck the regulations before planning your visit. For your own safety, you should also ask for advice if you are planning to do sports (climbing, hiking, diving, kayaking ...). Enjoy your visit!


During your stay, we would be happy to welcome you in one of our hotels in Marseille and to help you enjoy the city fully!


Practical Information:

Call +33 8 11 20 13 13 to get the real time conditions of access to the massif.