Borely Park Marseille

The Borely Park is one of the favourite parks of Marseille people, with its huge spaces of relaxation only a few metres away from the beaches.


The Borely Park was built by Jean-Charles Alphand between 1860 and 1880. Many walkers and joggers enjoy this 17-hectare park . You will find there a lake, a bar and a restaurant to relax in the middle of a magical setting. Of course, it is an ideal playground for children.


More specifically, the Borely Park consists of an English garden, a French garden, a traditional Chinese garden, a botanical garden, a rose garden and several sculptures. In 1995, the original work of Jean-Michel Folon, "The Man with birds" has been placed in the nineteenth century rock waterfall.

In the heart of the park you will find the Borely Castle. This 18th century bastide was classified as a historical monument and is hosting the Decorative Arts and Fashion Museum during Marseille Provence 2013.

The Borely Park hosted the Grand Prix of Marseille between 1930 and 1950 and was mentioned several times in the novels of Marcel Pagnol. You can also see it in the famous television series "Plus Belle la Vie" since 2004.

To continue to enjoy a relaxing stay in the heart of the European Capital of Culture, our hotel in Marseille and its garden are situated a few-minute drive away from the park.


Practical Information:

Borely Park - Marseille
Avenue du Prado
13008 Marseille

Phone: +33 4 91 13 89 00