Borely Castle Marseille

For Marseille Provence 2013 and after renovations, the Borely Castle is now open to the public and hosts the Museum of Decorative Arts and Fashion.


The Borely Castle was built in the 17th century at the request of Louis Borély, a prosperous merchant. He wanted to get one of the most beautiful country houses and it was a success.

The painter Louis Chaix did a remarkable job decorating the castle.

The Borely Castle belongs to the city of Marseille since 1857 and was open to the public in 1863. For many years, it has housed an archaeological museum

This masterpiece of architecture is now classified as a historical monument.

After extensive renovations, it now houses the Museum of Decorative Arts and Fashion. Art objects, furniture, textiles and ceramics are displayed in this exceptional natural and architectural environment dedicated to fashion an contemporary art.


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Practical Information:

Borely Castle - Marseille 
134 avenue Clot Bey 
13008 Marseille 

Phone: +33 4 91 25 26 34