Atomium Brussels

The Atomium is one of the most popular attractions of Brussels and gathers each year not less than 600 000 visitors.

Built in 1958 for the Universal Exhibition, this strange assembly of spheres represents an iron molecule magnified 165 billion times. Why? Because at this time in Brussels, Universal Exposition was celebrating science. The structure was not supposed to survive but thanks to its success and its futuristic looks it belongs to the Brussels landscape for over 55 years now.
Designed by the engineer André Waterkeyn and by architects André and Jean Polak, the Atomium measures around 102 meters high and has a total of 9 spheres. 5 spheres are dedicated to exhibitions, 2 for the permanent exhibition tracing the history of the Atomium and 3 others receive temporary exhibitions.
The highest sphere has a restaurant with panoramic view of the city of Brussels. To go up, you surely will take the fastest lift in Europe moving 16.8 meters per second.
At night, this giant stainless steel lights with 2970 LEDs, so you cannot miss it!
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Useful Information:
Atomium Brussels
Atomium’s Square
1020 Bruxelles
Subway line 6 Heyzel/Heisel stop
Bus Hop On & Hop Off