Art Nouveau Walk Brussels

Brussels is famous for its Art Nouveau Heritage. This movement originates from Brussels with the architect Victor Horta.


The Tassel Hotel was the first Art Nouveau building was built in 1893 by Victor Horta


This new style was completely different from the architecture Brussels has known until then. Indeed, it is dominated by colours, nature, rhythm and inventiveness

Many artists have included Art Nouveau in their works and this movement quickly spread around the world. It was also slightly modified by international artists. 

In Brussels, you will discover Art Nouveau in over one hundred sites in the city. 

Of course, you will discover the works of Victor Horta but also Paul Hankar’s and Henry Van de Velde’s. They all have been iconic figures of Art Nouveau in Brussels. 

During your stay enjoy a Art Nouveau walk through the streets of Brussels. Have a stroll in Vanderschrick Street or the American Street, where you will find the Horta Museum and the Ciamberlani hotel

Many visits and guided tours are offered in Brussels to make you discover Art Nouveau. 


Our hotel with parking in Brussels is close to the city centre and the Art Nouveau symbols of the city. 


Practical Information

For more information, visit the webpage dedicated to the Art Nouveau Walk.