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Tour guide in Marseille

  • Les Halles de la Major Market Marseilles

    Marseille has a new place dedicated exclusively to gastronomy....  Read more

  • Notre Dame de la Garde Marseille

    Discover the iconic « Bonne Mère » in Marseille and its breathtaking view over all the bay....  Read more

  • Saint Victor Abbey Marseille

    Saint Victor Abbey is a sacred and historic building in the city. It symbolizes the beginnings of...  Read more

  • The Pharo Palace Marseille

    Thanks to its excellent waterfront location, the Pharo Palace offers an exceptional view over the...  Read more

  • Cathedral of the Major Marseille

    Discover the unique cathedral built in the nineteenth century! The "Cathedral de la Major"...  Read more

  • The Palais Longchamp Marseille

    The Palais Longchamp is a symbolic monument, erected in 1862 to commemorate the arrival of water...  Read more

  • Fort Saint Nicolas Marseille

    The Fort Saint Nicolas is a historical monument that has been built in the 17th century....  Read more

  • Fort Saint Jean Marseille

    The Fort Saint Jean was built in the time of the Crusades in the 12th century. It is now hosting...  Read more

  • The Vieille Charité Marseille

    The "Vieille Charité" is a historical monument that hosts many exhibitions through the year....  Read more

  • MuCEM Marseille

    The Museum of European and Mediterranean Civilisations (MuCEM) is probably the most remarkable...  Read more

  • Préau des Accoules Marseille

    In the Panier district, the oldest part of the city, the Préau des Accoules is part of the...  Read more

  • The Omnisport Palace – Marseille East

    The French sunniest city can also have its own ice and board sport Castle....  Read more

  • Pastré Park Marseille

    The Pastré Park, also known as the "Pastré Campaign", is the starting point for many walks and hikes...  Read more

  • Borely Park Marseille

    The Borely Park is one of the favourite parks of Marseille people, with its huge spaces of...  Read more

  • Calanques Marseille

    The Calanques of Marseille are the symbol of the magnificent natural heritage of the city of...  Read more

  • Dive in the Calanques Marseille

    Take a look to the wild side, and discover the aquatic diversity of the Mediterranean Sea....  Read more

  • GR 2013 Marseille

    Discover the territories of Marseille Provence with the GR 2013, a great and original hiking trail!...  Read more

  • J1 Marseille

    The J1 has been entirely renovated for the occasion of MP2013 and is for the first time open to the...  Read more

  • Old Port Marseille

    It is the oldest port of Marseille and the best known, the Old Port is a must-see during a stay in...  Read more

  • Velodrome Stadium Marseille

    Iconic symbol of the city of Marseille, the Velodrome Stadium is the residence of the Olympique de...  Read more

  • Corniche Marseille

    The Corniche of President John F. Kennedy, better known in Marseille under the nickname of the...  Read more

  • Boat tour in the Marseille’s bay

    The Mediterranean Sea is full of life and the bay of Marseille is not an exception....  Read more

  • Marseilles’ Soap factory of the Unicorn

    For over a hundred years, Marseilles’ Soap factory of the Unicorn offers high quality soap from a...  Read more

The Silo Marseille


The Silo is a theatre located in the second district of Marseille close to the "Euromediterranean" area.