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Tour guide in paris

  • Eiffel Tower Paris

    Built in 1887, the Eiffel Tower has become the symbol of Paris. It is now one of the most visited...  Read more

  • Arc de Triomphe Paris

    The “Arc de Triomphe” was built between 1806 and 1836 on the Place de l'Etoile. It is a very...  Read more

  • Orsay Museum Paris

    Housed in the former Orsay station, the Orsay Museum was inaugurated in 1900. It has the greatest...  Read more

  • Madeleine Paris

    Located in the center of the Place de la Madeleine, this imposing building is one of the key...  Read more

  • Pinacotheque Paris

    Located on the Place de la Madeleine, the Pinacotheque is the first private museum in Paris....  Read more

  • Haussmann Paris

    Crossing the 8th and 9th arrondissement of Paris, the Haussmann Boulevard is a must-see shopping...  Read more

  • Champs Elysees Paris

    Considered as the most beautiful avenue in the world, the Champs Elysées is one of the most renowned...  Read more

  • The Grand Palais Paris

    ...  Read more

Garnier Opera House Paris


Internationally renowned, this masterpiece of architecture is also known as "Opéra de Paris" or "Garnier Palace".

Bastille Opera House Paris


The Bastille Opera House is located on the Bastille Place in Paris. It was built and opened in 1989 due to the succes of the program of the Garnier Opera House.

Arab World Institute Paris


The Arab World Institute was built with the aim of improving relations between France and the Arab countries.

Picasso Museum Paris


The Picasso Museum is a French national museum inaugurated in 1985. It is dedicated to the great painter’s world.

Rodin Museum Paris


The Rodin Museum is one of the most important museums in France. It ensures the preservation and the exhibition of the artist's works since its inauguration in 1919.