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Marseilles’ Soap factory of the Unicorn

Marseilles’ Soap factory of the Unicorn


For over a hundred years, Marseilles’ Soap factory of the Unicorn offers high quality soap from a knowledge unchanged thanks to a unchanged know-how.


This soap is obtained by mixing olive oil and soda. It’s then crushed to reveal its smoothness and softness. A blender can integrate each ingredient like honey, flavors, fragrances or lavender. Once the soap takes its true shape, it is molded and labeled.

The factory offers a wide choice: raw soaps, toilet soaps, liquid soaps and special soaps. Each one having different properties. The factory of the Unicorn is opened to everyone in order to discover the artisanal and traditional production of these soaps. A shop in the Old Port is open daily.


Nearly 100 tons of soaps are produced each year. Unicorn Soap carries on and defends the 100% natural tradition. Biodegradable and non-GMO or preservatives, this soap remains authentic and tgenuine.


Useful information:

Marseilles’ Soap factory of the Unicorn 

34 Cours Julien

13006 Marseille


Open Monday to Saturday

Closed on Sunday.

Free tour (20min) workshops at 11am – 3pm and 4pm



24 quai of Rive neuve

13007 Marseille

Open daily.