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Buzine the Mediterranean Cinematographies’ House

Buzine the Mediterranean Cinematographies’ House


Then and now, the Château de la Buzine is historical. It is known thanks to Marcel Pagnol in the famous book “The Castle of My Mother”.


Originally, the Castle of Buzine, the Reynarde’s Castle and the Castle of Saint Regis extended from Saint Menet to Camoins. From the 14th century to the 18th century, these houses were agricultural areas, but from the 19th, they become more luxurious.


Then Marcel Pagnol came. The Marseilles’ director was looking for a great place in Provence for his new studios. Thanks to a collaborator, he bought the domain on July 21, 1941 without having seen it. During its renovation, he recognized the castle of his childhood, the one his mother was afraid of. 


During the Second World War, it was requisitioned and fall under German occupation. At the end of the war, this building will host an infirmary, a soldiers company and the General Council of Poland.


Marcel Pagnol sold the domain and its 40 hectares in 1973. The housing estate "The 7 Hills Park" will be achieved and the castle is left in a bad state after the construction.


In 1991, an association was formed in order to save the castle that became the property of the city of Marseille. On September 25, 1996, it is entitled as Historic Monument.

In 2001, a rehabilitation project is launched and the first stone was laid on January 18, 2007. Cinematography’s City is built in honor of Marcel Pagnol who couldn’t fulfil his dream. The castle is as we know it today.


The castle was converted into a cinema, organizes exhibitions and concerts. The restaurant "Marcel’s Tables" is open from Tuesday to Saturday.


"We are all of the genes of Marcel Pagnol" Andrew Stern.


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Buzine House Cinematographies the Mediterranean Sea

56 traverse de la Buzine

13011 Marseille

Phone: +33 4 91 45 27 60


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