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new hotel Bompard 4 étoiles


At the corner of Marseille Centre, you will able to organise your seminar in the meeting hall of a charming hotel with view on garden and break on terrace.
Le Salon Les Flots bleus, air conditioned, equipped, lighten up by daylight and with free WIFI, for 40 people.
Its wide opening on the park makes it an ideal area of your showrooms.
Apart from the view on the park, the restaurant « Albert Cafe » offers a refined and traditional cooking.
Our head cook simmers market products for you. At summer, your meal will be served at the terrace.
The private parking if free.

Capacity of the living room

 Description of rooms

(in m2)

Ecolier Théatre En U Repas Cocktail
Flots Bleus 50 25 40 25 50 70

Table of applied prices for a minimum of 10 people

Study trip package from 65 € / person

•  Hall for rent, 2 breaks and Vienna bakery products

•  Breakfast (3 dishes + water, 1/4 of wine, coffee)

1/2 Study trip package from 59 € / person

•  Hall for rent, 1 coffee break and Vienna bakery products

•  Breakfast (3 dishes + water, 1/4 of wine, coffee)

Semi-residential Package

Single room 146 € (off-season) / 170 € (in season)

Double room 231 € (off-season) / 264 € (in season)

Study trip package   
•  Room
•  Buffet breakfast
Residential Package
Single room 180 € (off-season) / 195 € (in season)
Double room 299 € (off-season) / 314 € (in season)
•  Semi-residential package
•  Lunch (drinks included)
Rent Showroom area
Day : From 300,00 € to 400,00 €

½ day : 250,00 €

Technical equipments

On site: Video projector, call memo and pencils, mobile screen, paper-board, phone in rooms, free WIFI and mineral water bottles.
On request (user-fee services): Camrecorder, TV screen…

Details of coffee breaks
"Confetti": Pancakes: Small pancakes, jam assortment, Nutella, sugar, Hot drinks and fruit juice
"All Choco": Brownies, Muffins with chocolate nuggets or chocolate cookies, Danone chocolate yogourt, Hot drinks and fruit juice
"La Promenade de mon enfance": Yaourts à l'ancienne, Sweet cubs, Apple turnovers, Hot drinks and fruit juice

Prices star tat, per day and per person
VAT included and stay tax excluded


Meetings Contact :
Sophie Chappe
Tél :
+33 (0)4 91 99 22 02
Fax : +33 (0)4 91 31 02 14