Picture of Marseille


Hôtel Bompard

At Marseille centre, the New Hotel Bompard is a full of charm hotel. Oasis of calm in verdure nest, it overhangs the Corniche that goes from the Vieux Port and sails along the Bay of Marseille

This big middle-class place and its wooded park nestle at few minutes from the business centre in a rich-looking residential district where palm trees give a glimpse of the sea. A place of dreams for your touristic or business trips  and seminars at Marseille Provence!
The New Hotel Bompard is near theater Sylvain, beaches of Prophet and Catalans, the Circle of swimmers and the picturesque area of Endoume...

We jealously watch over the reputation of our hotel, witness of living art in the Marseille way. Built near heavenly coves such as the Vallon des Auffes with its famous restaurants (L’épuisette, Chez Fonfon, Jeannot…), it regularly welcomes production teams,

Fernanda RAVAULT, Director