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What's Cooking ? - Marseille

From 01/01/2013 to 31/12/2013

Fairs and congresses

Cooking is a discipline full of passion and richness. Each gourmet preparation requires a special know-how, which is transmitted from generation to generation. 


Today, if each country still has its own traditions, the cooking secrets have far exceeded the geographical boundaries. Apart from the gustatory pleasures, cooking has the real power to bring people together by favouring sharing and conviviality, which make this discipline a true culture.


These principles fit in the programming of "What's cooking?" where the gastronomic traditions of the two Mediterranean shores meet together perfectly. Here, artists and chefs work together to bring a reflection on the food in our society, making us discover new ways to approach this discipline.


From everyday cooking to Michelin-starred cuisine, everyone should find his happiness. Events, places, actors and ideas do not miss to discover the cooking in all its forms throughout the year Marseille Provence 2013 !


Informations :

“What’s cooking?” takes place throughout the territory of Marseille Provence.

Check the program and the website of “What’s cooking?”.