TransHumance - Marseille

From 17/05/2013 to 09/06/2013

Shows and theatre

TransHumance is one of the major events of Marseille Provence 2013. This both crazy and poetic project has convinced the municipalities by its beauty and its symbols. It takes the form of three courses where humans and animals move forward together, in an organized and harmonious way. 


The "théâtre du Centaure" is at the initiative of this project, which invites the different shores of the Mediterranean to walk side-by-side. Thus, the herds of horses run through natural spaces as well as urban areas, or even industrial. 

In Marseille, from 10:00 am to 1:30 pm, several emblematic places of the city will be crossed, such as the roundabout of Prado, the Lieutaud Course, the Saint Charles train station, the Old Port, the Fort Sain Jean and the Fort Saint Nicolas. Then, horses and riders, sheep and shepherds, will borrow the famous Corniche to land the Prado beaches ! For a few hours, thousands of animals will invade the European Capital of Culture, to celebrate the end of an adventure rich in poetry and emotions.


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Informations pratiques :

For more information, visit the web page devoted to the event TransHumance or see the course map of TransHumance in Marseille.