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Marseille Provence 2013 - European Capital of Culture

From 01/01/2013 to 31/12/2013


Marseilles 2013 : bring closer Culture, bring closer Europeans
New Hotel and its 4 hotels in Marseilles are happy to see this enthusiasm and are eager to welcome you during this festive and friendly year. Many public places gather sculptures and monumental series of posters. This shows the energy and eclecticism of the performances and cultural activities that make Marseille, the European Capital of Culture 2013.
New Hotel facilities are located in the city center and its immediate vicinity. They provide you with accommodation in the heart of the artistic and cultural wealth. Marseille is, since Antiquity, a land of miscegenation, and is definitely a city of sharing where cultures mix: a cosmopolitan place, with diverse influences and ambitions.  Urban and architectural projects are flourishing, giving the Phocaean city a new breath.
Whatever the reason of your trip, New Hotel and Marseilles Provence 2013 have everything for you! For the occasion, and to allow you to discover easily the European Capital of Culture, we have designed Marseille Provence 2013 packages for each of our hotels in Marseille. Check them out and enjoy special rates to freely enjoy the cultural richness of the city!
The opening of Marseille on the sea is in full swing when we refer to the many facilities wich have flourished throughout the city and especially in the neighborhood of Euroméditerranée: expansion of the district of Joliette, construction of Fund Regional d'Art Contemporain Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur (FRAC), Panorama, Museum of Civilization in Europe and the Mediterranean (MuCEM) and the Regional Centre for the Mediterranean (Mediterranean Villa), the Regards de Provence Museum, the rehabilitation of Silo of Arenc and Shed J1, etc.
New and flamboyant buildings with bold architecture that give the region a new dimension. Places suitable for all, accommodating tourists and business travelers.
Cultural enrichment of Marseille Provence is, as its name indicates, not focused primarily on the city, but indeed the whole region Provence. There are many players in the tourism and culture area that are mobilizing to offer you the best of the region and are involved in qualitative approaches by acting as a link between the Provence and the rest of the European Union. Moreover, saying that this event unfolds only on the European territory would be a mistake, as, for several years, the city of Marseilles knows how to attract and garner discussions at the International.
Its cultural influence and its idyllic location make it a crossroads mixing a heterogeneous group of visitors.
Below is a taste of the highlights of Marseille European Capital of Culture 2013:

  • Ulyssesfrom January to December 2013: Forty heterogeneous structures are involved in this traveling project of contemporary art through exhibitions, commissions, residencies, etc. An event associated with more than one hundred artists. Ulysses at the FRAC, from September, 27th until December, 22nd 2013: Four exceptional artists will take you to their fascinating worlds. Time, words and the Mediterranean are the main theme of this uncommon exhibition. 
  • The Bazaar of Gender, Feminine - Masculine in the Mediterranean, from June, 7th 2013 until January, 6th 2014: During this exhibition, the MuCEM is raising the matter of gender. It presents its impact on people and societies depending on culture.
  • The Light Exhibition, from June, 29th 2013 until January, 5th 2014: During this exhibition, you will discover Light through different scientific fields such as astronomy, biology, technology, ecology. It also demonstrates the huge place of light in our societies.
  • Cesar in Marseille, from September 14th 2013 to March 16th 2014: The famous sculptor of the thumb is exposed to the Cantini Museum. A tribute gathering many works such as compressions, welded irons expansions, etc..

From March, enjoy an exceptional panorama on the Mediterranean landscapes with the new GR 2013! On more than 360km, a big part of Provence awaits you! Discover urban and natural diversity through artistic and innovative mapping. Meetings, exchanges and contemplations will be the key words of the GR 2013.
Marseille Provence 2013, in short, is more than 400 events, shows, and entertainment for all, 60 exhibitions and countless concerts that will forever change the face and the brightness of Marseille.
To discover more about all the events of the program offered by MP2013, do not hesitate to visit the M Pavilion, a true information platform within the European Capital of Culture. Situated on the Place Villeneuve-Bargemon, it is a genuine receiving area through its surface of 3000m ² and its flexible opening hours (free access to the public every day from 10am to 7pm). For more particularly information on the city of Marseille and its heritage, the Tourist Office and Convention, on the Canebière, is at your disposal every day from 9am to 7pm on weekdays and from 10am to 5pm on Sundays and holidays to guide you on this unique city.
Marseille is waiting for you and New Hotels offer you quality accommodation to make your stay in Marseille, European Capital of Culture in 2013, a time of joy.
For more information on the role of the European Capital of Culture, its image and its programming, visit Marseille Provence 2013 website, or do not hesitate to get the "MP2013 edition of the Guide du Routard" (a travel guide on Marseille Provence 2013).