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Flower Carpet Brussels

From 14/08/2014 to 17/08/2014


It was in 1971 that the first flower carpet was established in its current form. It covers the Grand Place in Brussels every two years and for a few days.
Belgium is known to be the largest producer of begonias in the world thanks to its 60 million bulbs produced each year. That is why not less than 300 begonias gathered per square meter, directly placed on the cobblestones of the Grand Place. Begonias were chosen for their durability and resistance to the harshest weather conditions. In addition, they offer a wide range of colours going from bright to pastel tone. 
To implement this huge floral fresco, it will take less than 4 hours to many small hands to cover the Grand Place on August 14, which will be inaugurated at 10pm. It can be enjoyed from the balcony of the City Hall daily from 9am to 11pm. And every evening from 10pm, the place will take a festive atmosphere with a light and sound show.
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Flower Carpet Brussels
City Hall – Grand-Place
1000 Bruxelles
Online tickets on the Flower Carpet of Brussels website.