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Festival of Marseille

From 19/06/2014 to 12/07/2014

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It has been 19 years that the Festival of Marseille exists with access to culture for the greatest number as main goal. Established in 1996, this nomadic and multidisciplinary festival features a bold and rich program combining dance, theater, music and visual arts.
The Festival of Marseille is a committed festival. Through the culture charter, it enables disadvantaged people of Marseille to access culture for 1 € or it has a special accessibility policy for people with disabilities.
This 19th edition built around the sentence of the writer Marguerite Yourcenar, "We do not kill the light, we can only suffocate it," offers many novel creations in France and in Europe. Ubu and the Truth Commission is part of this event and is directed by South African William Kentridge, emblematic character of the festival. Puppets and actors will reveal the unsaid of the apartheid going down the language of truth initiated by Mandela. The character of Ubu translates here a metaphor for the absurd policy of apartheid to get the viewer to reflect on the political lie.
The festival aims at uniting people and takes place in different venues such as The Silo, the Ballet de Marseille or the Cité Radieuse from Le Corbusier.
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Festival of Marseille 2014
Le Silo
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