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Europe Day Brussels


Concerts and festivals

Every year, May 9 is synonymous of Europe Day but it will be celebrated this year on May 17 in Brussels. Indeed, this day celebrates the anniversary of the Schuman Declaration, former French Minister of Foreign Affairs. On 9 May 1950, he discusses, in a historic speech in Paris, the desire to create a European community to pooling coal and steel industries. 
This statement is considered as the founding text of Europe. Thus the community is established in 1951 by six states: France, FRG (Federal Republic of Germany), Italy, Belgium, Luxembourg and the Netherlands.
Thereafter the ECSC became the European Economic Community in 1957 before becoming in 1993 the European Union, following the Maastricht Treaty.
The EU now has 28 member states in which are celebrated every May 9, the Europe Day. On this occasion, the main EU institutions in Brussels take this opportunity to greet the general public at their premises.
Thus many buildings such as the European Parliament, the European Council, the Council of the European Union or the European Commission will be accessible to curious ones.
As part of the day, many activities and events will also be proposed. Discover the full program of the day on the European Union website.
To be closer to European institutions during this special day, do not forget to book your stay in our hotel in the heart of the European district of Brussels.