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Dinner in the sky Brussels

From 02/06/2014 to 29/06/2014

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Fly over Brussels to enjoy a meal out of the ordinary. Brussels starred gastronomy offers to 22 guests (per meal) to enjoy a special lunch or dinner at 50 meters off the ground, just above the Jubilee Park. This event will allow you to enjoy a unique view over the city. 
Since its creation 7 years ago, the Dinner in the sky concept perched above the most beautiful panoramas as it was high in the skies of 45 countries, including most recently Mexico and Croatia.
7 chefs will be present at this year's Dinner in the sky:

  • Yves Mattagne (Sea Grill**)
  • Lionel Rigolet (Comme chez soi**)
  • Pascal Devalkeneer (Chalet de la forêt**)
  • David Martin (La Paix*)
  • Giovanni Bruno (Senzanome*)
  • Lugi Ciciriello (La Truffe Noire*)
  • Bart De Pooter (De Pastorale** et WY*)

This year, the chefs will honor Italy in dishes proposed for 22 people at the table. Dinner in the sky is an unusual way to discover the city and its gastronomy. 
Enjoy the convenient location of our hotel near the European district, just few minutes’ walk from the Jubilee Park and Brussels in the sky to stay in Brussels.
Useful information:
Brussels in the sky
Parc du Cinquantenaire
1000 Brussels
Rate : 250€ per person
Book your place for a gastronomic meal in the air on Dinner in the sky website.