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Cuisines en Friche Marseille

From 11/09/2013 to 15/09/2013

Concerts and festivals

« Cuisines en Friche » is an original food festival that will take place in the « Friche Belle de Mai »! Mediterranean food will be at the centre of the festival!


During the different events organized for the occasion you will discover how the artists mix their passion for Mediterranean food with music, comedy or theatre!

Many activities have been planned! The choice is yours! Why not enjoy a theatre or dance show? If you are hungry you just have to pick one of the varied banquets or dinner shows! Need some inspiration? Watch a chef at work and learn a few useful techniques! And then get your Provence ingredients at the market!

The festival also offers you to participate in discussions during which researchers will give talks about different subjects, for instance, the positive effects of the Mediterranean diet.

« Harvesting under the stars » belongs to the « Cuisines en Friche » program. It will take place at the New Hotel of Marseille on September, 12th 2013. 

The artist Nicolas Simarik will present a performative harvest and the Chef Jérôme Pollo will make you discover an unusual cuisine. During the month of October, the transformation of wine into water will occur as a result of this harvest.

This festival is for everyone’s tastes and you will have a good time in this warm and friendly atmosphere!


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Practical Information:

Cuisines en Friche - Marseille 
Friche Belle de Mai
Entrance 1
41, rue Jobin 
13003 Marseille
Entrance 2 
12, rue François Simon 
13003 Marseille

Phone : + 33 4 95 04 95 95